Monday, October 22, 2007

My Li'l Hustle or My Bid'ness or My Business or Nun'ya Bid'ness.

It's all for sale. At the right price.
I'll, eventually, get around to posting them . . . within the next 10 years, probably.
Why? Was there someting in particular you're interested in, these days?
I'm working on the SA DC Archie-Clones:
Scooter, Windy & Willy, Dobie Gillis & Binky.
Not Jerry Lewis & Bob Hope, though.
Dell teen humor like Twelve Going on Eighteen, Ponytail
And Tower's Bunny & Go-Go. (Go-Go went to Charlton.)
Also The Monkees, The Partidge Family, David Cassidy & Bobby Sherman.
Did you know Charlton was the last comic book refuge of Terry & the Pirates?
I'm auctioning the last issue, (#28), now.
Anyway, I have almost complete runs of all DC romance, Charlton romance & Marvel Romance.
And two longboxes of GA romance
Plus, almost complete runs of Fightin' Air Force, U.S. Air Force, Fightin' Navy, Submarine Attack, Fightin' Five & Sarge Steel.
And Dell War titles like Combat War Stories, Air War Stories, Guerrilla Warfare, Jungle War Stories & The Frogmen.
Louis James


Yes, I have hundreds of Life, Look, Colliers, Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal, (Many defunct Women's Magazines)
Ranging from 1930 - 1979 (mostly 1950's)
No Vogue, Cosmo, Vanity Fair, though.
Sorry for the confusion. I'm trying something new and it's not working.
The auctions are a work in progress until I make some sales.
The idea is that you do all the work deciding what you want so I don't have to type in everything I have to offer.
Just give me an idea of what and how many you want and I'll supply a short-list of my inventory that may appeal to you.
And, yes, buy one, ten, a hundred: it's all good.
Except I don't want to waste my time on 2 or 3 magazines
The more you buy the lesser per unit. (I'm trying to get bulk purchases.)
The idea is to begin by emailing me.
We've begun.
Now, please send a list filled with adjectives describing, in general, what magazines interest you and how many you want.
Also, I have four price levels:
$1.00 each
$3.00 each
$5.00 each
>$5.00 each
In the continental U. S.,
I can ship up to 3 books for $3.00 media mail,
4-8 books, shipping is $4.50 media mail,
9-20 books, shipping is $6.00 media mail,
Over 20 books? Relax. No worries.
I’ll have to get back to you on that with an exact quote.
Shipping to Canada is $9.00. Worldwide shipping is $12.00
Does this make sense?
I hope I was able to clear things up, a bit.
Louis James

Let me get back to you in a week two with that info.

I have 1 or 2 Crossword covers with OK Hot Rod and Romance comic book interiors.

Maybe 3 or 4 more mismatched comics. Somewhere!

Yes, you may've picked them up from me, before.

I got around 15 from ebay BakertowneCollectibles.

They had, maybe, around 50. (I'm guessing.)

SkyPinkBlu knows them and all about their error comics.

See you around.

Louis James

---- wrote:

Oct 21, 2007
Hi Louis,
Thanks for info about black & yellow interior for First Kiss comic.

Recognize your name; believe I won/bought some other Charlton errors from
you in the past.

What other error books do you have? Are they all the same First Kiss error?

Let me know, and I'll compare books in my collection in case I already have
examples from previous purchases.

I am interested! Thanks.
Joe Desris

Dear trans_global_comics_and_magazines,

You describe the First Kiss comic as an error. Do you mean that the interior of the book is only printed in yellow? If not, please explain the error. And what is your price?

- gijoed

Yes, I'd like to trade, if possible.
Like you, I've bought and sold so many lo these past 30-ish years that superheroes and horror don't do it for me, anymore. Been there, done that. Seen it all. What else you got? Romance? Let's see. Wow!
That search for the unknown and obscure has led me into buying bulk Modern Indys at $0.50 each. No Image or Dark Horse. Real Indys on the fringe.
Oh, and I can't forget my Modern GGA/BGA collection of Adam Hughes, Frank Cho, et al. Most are complete.
They have a lot of Indy work that seldom pops up.
I have some GA Comic Media romance I'll dig out and look at for you. I have some True Life Secrets comics as well as some magazines called True Life Secrets.
A continuation of the title into the sleazy detective magazine genre? Maybe.
I have a few examples of Baker I'd like to keep since I sold most of them. He is consistantly the best. I'm pretty sure you picked up some.
(DTACOLLECTIBLES, David Alexander, told me that, "You can tell Baker drew it because the fingers are all tapered to a point.")
Sold all my Zoo Funnies and Jann's.
(I went through a Jungle phase. Y'know, Rulah, Sheena and that crowd. Sold 'em all.)
I'm constantly updating my Charlton, DC and Marvel romance collections so you should see some regular turnover on my ebay selling site.
Same with my Charlton war. (The early covers are quite good. Nothing compared to DC big 5 Best of . . ., though. Still, quite collectible at a good price.)
Right now, though, I'm key on Bunny & Go-Go.
They don't pop up, much, and when they do they are never above VG.
Anyway, . . .
See ya.
Louis James
P.S. I haven't begun to read hardly any of my GA romance comics.
What are the best GA romance publishers as far as their writing goes? Least dull? Most bizarre?
I heard Ace was boring.


I'll put "Lyn Raymond" airline stewardess in my daily ebay search results. Then they'll be emailed to me when they pop up for auction. I'll do a little research, when I've got the time, and get back to you with some info and links.


Louis James

TAB: The Pocket Picture Magazine, vol.11, #2, June 1961

I'm charmed by these. The article titles . . . they . . . um . . . they speak for themselves,

and yet, are indescribably . . . wrong?

I can't seem to come up with one word that best describes them.

Camp? Kitsch? They are a joke, right?

I hope no one took these seriously when they first appeared.

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Because these are small, the shipping is a dollar less for each level, below.

(Except the international rates.)

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In the continental U. S.,

I can ship up to 4 magazines for $4.00 media mail,

5-8 magazines, shipping is $5.50 media mail,

9-12 magazines, shipping is $7.00 media mail,

13-16 magazines, shipping is $8.00 media mail,

17-20 magazines, shipping is $9.00 media mail,

Over 20 magazines? Relax. No worries.

I’ll have to get back to you on that with an exact quote.
Shipping to Canada is $9.00. Worldwide shipping is $12.00

We should trade e-mails. It's easy. I've done this many times.

(They love me in France and Norway. Go figure.)

Terms and Conditions

Please email me with any questions you may have.
Buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling costs.
PayPal, money orders, cashiers checks or personal checks? OK!
Payment must be received within 7 days after end of auction
or item may be re-listed and negative feedback may be left,
(unless special arrangements are made with seller via email).
If there is a problem with your item after delivery, please contact
me within 3 days after receiving it to resolve the problem.
Please do this before leaving negative or neutral feedback.
I am more than willing to work with you to make things right
if you are unhappy with your purchase. (You won't be.)
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