Monday, July 12, 2010

VINCE SHLOMI! NME BILLBOARD MTV - Street Fight Hyper Crush, Kele - TENDERONI, Mark Ronson Business Intl, Emma Watson - One Night Only, Funeral Party - NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA, California Dorks (after Katy Perry's California Gurls - Parody/Homage)

Eminem 'Recovery' Ad Features 'ShamWow' Guy Vince Shlomi

La Roux's Elly Jackson has said she believes that the success of the Skream remix of 'In For The Kill' "showed that people don't want mindless happy crap" from their music.

'In For The Kill' was voted Best Dancefloor Filler at the Shockwaves NME Awards last night. Speaking to NME.COM in an exclusive video interview you can watch on the right, Jackson praised Skream - real name Oliver Jones - for transforming the song.

"What it did for me, it… re-gave birth to the real meaning and atmosphere of the song as we wrote it," she explained. "What he did with the song is what we would have done if we'd been brave enough. We wanted to make a pop record and that just isn't a pop thing, what he did to it.

"He left it sparse and exposed and dark. It showed that people don't want mindless happy crap. They want something that makes them feel and that remix really does. Skream did an amazing job, thank you again and again." 

She also said: "For the mainstream crowd 'Bulletproof' is the hit, but for us and for a lot of our original fans, maybe more NME-type fans, 'In For The Kill' was always the one so it's nice for it to get re-recognised. Although it never got to Number One it sold more copies than 'Bulletproof'."

Street Fight by Hyper Crush


Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Q-Tip and MNDR - Bang Bang Bang

'Say You Don't Want It' Official Video featuring Emma Watson - One Night Only

Funeral Party - NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA

California Dorks  
(after Katy Perry's California Gurls - Parody/Homage)
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Music recreated and arranged by Jason Munday
Lyrics written by Jason Munday with help from Alex Carpenter

Alex Carpenter's Channel:


I know a place
Where the pixel count is higher
Chill at Echobase
We're like the Rebels to the Empire
Sippin' Mountain Dew
We'll get some In' N Out for breakfast
Gotta big screen TV
We'll watch some Avatar on Netflix

You could search Google Maps
But nothing comes close to the golden coast
Once you log in with us
You'll be falling in love
Oh Ohohohohohoh

California dorks
We're unforgettable
Disneyland like
Four times a week
Sunkist soda pop
and Flux Capacitors
Ohohohohoh Oh Ohohohohohoh

California dorks
We're undeniable
Star War toys
And watching John Locke
YouTube represent
Now put your hands ups
Ohohohohoh Oh Ohohohohohoh

Wifi on the beach
We're ustreaming from our smartphones
Did you see that? Gotta tweet
In a hundred forty characters



Old school Nintendo console
Turn it on and I know you'll be sold
Duck Hunt, Track and Field,
Super Mario will make you feel

Like a kid again
I mean like this is it
Play it
Slay it
I can't quit

All night long
With Donkey Kong
And then I move on

I'm okay
I just game
I love to play
Just like I love LA

Marble Madness
The Lion King
Nostalgia is everything

Power glove
Hanging out
With Mike Tyson's
Punch Out

Mega Man
And the Legend of Zelda

Hey gamers
Lookie here nerds
I'm all up on ya
Cause you representin California

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