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First Alex Ross cover art- Dark Horse Terminator Neg variant LUXXXCORP COMIX

us, Does the Sound of Thunder Scare You? via @sodahead
Only women, pussies, children and developmentally disabled or developmentally retarded. - Fake attribution to Cerebus Brain Trust of Mankind, that comic guy.
I grew up in the lightning capitol of the world: Tampa Bay. Fuckin crack a doom.
Heat Lightning: developmentally supercharged stoboscopically silhouetting the massive thunderheads scraping the ionosphere. With no sound. Every 30 second, flashbang w/silence. Maybe you'd here a murmuring after burn way far off in the distance, muffled even more sp by the fog. Or, the weight of there a delete? Edit??
Julee Cruise David Lynch mashedinplastic mashups mash ups remixes Shotgun Sinclair llll lcj Louis Cook James Louis James luxxcorp Monsanto Westinghouse Kensington QuinncannonJulee Cruise David Lynch mashedinplastic mashups mash ups remixes Shotgun Sinclair llll lcj Louis Cook James Louis James luxxcorp Monsanto Westinghouse Kensington Quinncannon
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Requiem for a Dream (soundtrack)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Soundtrack by Clint Mansell and Kronos Quartet
Released 2000
Genre Electronic/Neoclassical
Length 51:13
Professional reviews
* Allmusic 4/5 stars link
Requiem for a Dream is the title of a soundtrack album released in 2000 to accompany the Darren Aronofsky film Requiem for a Dream. The soundtrack was composed by Clint Mansell and performed by the Kronos Quartet.
Mansell's score was his follow-up to the score he composed for Aronofsky's first film, π, and has since become a cult hit. The music is notable for its use of sharp, often staccato 'un-vibrato-ed' string instruments to create a cold and discomforting sound from instruments frequently used for their warmth and softness (an effect pioneered in film soundtracks by Bernard Hermann). Reportedly Kronos Quartet asked for a very reasonable fee which, according to Aronofsky, suited him well; Aronofsky also stated that the music inspired him during the editing process.[1]
The soundtrack has been widely praised, and in particular the track "Lux Aeterna" (which itself is much used in the film) has subsequently been used in various forms of media. The theme was reorchestrated for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers trailer[2] and is known by the name "Requiem for a Tower". The theme has been featured in trailers for other films, including Babylon A.D.,[3] The Da Vinci Code,[4] I Am Legend,[5] Sunshine,[6] and Valley of Flowers.[7] It also appeared in the video game Assassin's Creed, and in numerous TV spots and adverts, and at sporting events. Use of the theme has extended to the point where it is interchangeable with the name "Requiem for a Dream."
A remix album, Requiem for a Dream: Remixed, contained new mixes of the music by Paul Oakenfold, Josh Wink, Jagz Kooner, and Delerium, among others.[8]
Critical reception
Reviews have generally been favorable. Allmusic gave the album four stars, saying that the score "manages to be appropriately dark and disturbing, as well as compulsively listenable";[9] Salon praised the "terrific musical score";[10] and The Observer of the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College called the score "heart-stopping".[11], in a negative review of the score, spoke of "the driving, thumping, angry, brutal violin score which drums like a hammer and chain beating you into submission."[12]
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mashedinplastic | October 03, 2009
ToToM: "I've Told Every Little Pumpkin"
Linda Scott: I've Told Every Little Star (from Mulholland Drive)
The Smashing Pumpkins: 1979
Linda Scott's 1961 charmer drips brightly with the hopefulness of the Fifties and early Sixties, while The Smashing Pumpkins, formed in 1988, take us on to "1979," from their 1995 album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (an appropriate alternate title for Mulholland Drive).
"I've Told Every Little Star" was written by Oscar Hammerstein II and Jerome Kern for their 1932 production Music in the Air. The bubble-gum sweet song tells of a lack of communication between two lovers. Scott, born in 1945, saw her version of the song become the first of her chart hits. Her last, coming in 1964, was entitled "Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?" (an appropriate alternate title for Mulholland Drive).
As Ms. Scotts star waned after 1964, her recordings became more soulful. In 1970, she finally quit show business to pursue studies in theology. This turn of events may have been presaged by her 1965 single "Don't Lose Your Head" and its b-side "I'll See You in My Dreams" (both being appropriate alternate titles for Mulholland Drive).
From Mashed in Plastic - The David Lynch Mashup album
Mashup by ToToM
Video by The Reborn Identity
* mashedinplastic * twinpeaks * i've * told * every * little * pumpkin * star * 1979 * linda * scott * smashing * umpkins * mulholland * drive * david * lynch * mashed * in * plastic * mashup * remix * bootleg * reborn * identity Tori's Deranged (David Bowie vs Tori Amos)
From: mashedinplastic | November 06, 2008 | 30,803 views
Wax Audio: "Tori's Deranged"
David Bowie: "I'm Deranged" (from Lost Highway)
Tori Amos: "Caught a Lite Sneeze"
It's 10:10 A.M. on February 16th.
Dick Laurent is dead.
Om is a sacred syllable in the Buddhist and Hindu religions. It is the first syllable in the Buddhist om mani padme hum mantra, in which, it is said, all the teachings of the Buddha are contained. The syllable is written in honey on the tongues of children when they are born, the infants eating of the Buddha's teaching. Meditation as sustenance.
Satori is a Buddhist term for a lasting state of enlightenment. Meditation is one of the disciplines by which one attempts to transform the mind and reach satori. In satori, one achieves freedom from (or oblivion to) the external world and its desires.
Tori Amos may or may not be an anagram of satori om, but it's a certainty that David Lynch is a firm believer in the practice of Transcendental Meditation.
Phillip Jeffries is an FBI Special Agent who disappears from a hotel in Brazil only to appear moments later in the elevator of the Bureau's Philadelphia office. Seeing Special Agent Dale Cooper as he is ("Who do you think this is, there?"), he confronts Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole with the knowledge. His words are deranged, unconnected, and he finally calls out, "I found something . . . and then, there they were." With that, he disappears: again in the wrong place, and his voice applied to the wrong film.
From the album Mashed in Plastic
Mashup by Wax Audio
Video by The Reborn Identity http://www.rebornidentity.commashedinplastic | October 27, 2009 The Who Boys: "Frank's Here"
Angelo Badalamenti: "Night Streets" (from Blue Velvet)
Angelo Badalamenti: "Lumberton U.S.A." (from Blue Velvet)
Roni Size: "Snapshot"
In the legend, it is said that Dracula cannot intrude upon your home; he must be invited.
Jeffrey imposes himself on a situation in what he thinks is an act of mercy. Sandy steps beyond her safe cocoon of family and home. Frank runs roughshod over societal decorum. Jeffrey hears justice urging him on, Sandy hears the siren call of excitement, Frank hears society's darker seams begging to be split by his wrath.
But alone, Ben stands as the welcoming presence. He is the embracer of all things simultaneously: chaos and order, the demonic and angelic, the guilty and the innocent. Ben welcomes Frank over his threshold, into the home where Dorothy's son is held prisoner.
Ben is the center pivot. Ben is both Vishnu and Kali, preserver and destroyer. Ben is the presence inside each of us, whispering things. Ben is Conscience. And once in a while, at the door of the soul, Ben says, simply, "Frank's here" . . . and he welcomes him in.
From Mashed in Plastic - The David Lynch Mashup album
Mashup by The Who Boys
Video by The Reborn Identity
* mashedinplastic * twinpeaks * david * lynch * mashed * in * plastic * blue * velvet * dennis * hopper * roni * ize * angelo * badalamenti * mashup * remix * bootleg * reborn * identity * music Julee Cruise - The Art of Being a Girl
From: bbdejavu | August 22, 2008 | 18,722 views "don't say anything, darling, just smile" Audio/Visual manipulation.
I made this :)Julee Cruise - Fallingmashedinplastic | July 12, 2009
Barry Adamson: "Something Wicked This Way Comes" (from Lost Highway)
Garbage: "Stupid Girl"
Shirley Manson, not Marilyn Manson, leading the band Garbage, drawls out a story suitable for Naomi Watts character in the second half of Mulholland Drive, while a Marilyn Manson contribution to the Lost Highway soundtrack, "I Put a Spell on You," penned by Screamin Jay Hawkins and appropriately trance-inducing, might seem the perfect complement to the tone and bewildering existentialism of either Lost Highway or Mulholland Drive, although its pulsing, driving tone really only fits one of them, not Mulholland Drive, while this, the track were concerned with, clearly suits Lost Highway and its regard of the monotony of the road of existence, its relentless reach stretching out to the horizon and beyond, rendering all of us dumb animals in the face of our own long mortality, the circularity of life and death and the never-ending cycles, cycles of perception and intent and soul-dropping despair, continuing, on and on, a story forever drawling out its next line, never quite completing, never slowing, never ceasing, never...
* mashedinplastic * twinpeaks * david * lynch * mashed * in * plastic * lost * highway * barry * adamson * arbage * stupid * girl * something * wicked * this * way * comes * g3rst * reborn * identity * mashup
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Julee Cruise
Born December 1, 1956 (1956-12-01) (age 53)
Creston, Iowa, United States
Genres Dream pop
Occupations Singer, songwriter, actress
Instruments Vocals, french horn
Years active 1985 – present
Labels Warner Bros. Records
WEA International Inc.
Avex Asia Ltd.
Distinct'ive Records
Playhouse Records
Website Official Myspace
Julee Cruise (born December 1, 1956, Creston, Iowa) is an American singer, and actress.
With a distinctive, airy voice, Cruise has recorded three albums, but is probably best known for the lead vocal on "Falling," the theme song for the cult U.S. television series Twin Peaks. Until recently, she was a frequent collaborator with composer Angelo Badalamenti and film director David Lynch, who produced and wrote the lyrics for most of her songs.
Cruise currently lives in Manhattan with her husband Edward Grinnan, the editor-in-chief of Guideposts Magazine. She is in pre-production for her upcoming album featuring New York musicians Jesse Krakow, Clifton Hyde and Mike Pride which will be released in 2010.
Early life and career
Julee Cruise studied French horn at Drake University and performed as a singer and actress in Minneapolis (notably in the role of Jinjur in stage adaptations of L. Frank Baum's Oz books). She moved to New York and played Janis Joplin in a revue called `Beehive`, whilst also working as a talent scout for Badalamenti.[1]
Collaborations with Badalamenti and Lynch
Blue Velvet
In 1985, Badalamenti was composing the score for David Lynch's Blue Velvet, as well as serving as the vocal coach for the film's star, Isabella Rossellini. A key scene in Blue Velvet was intended to feature This Mortal Coil's version of Song to the Siren by Tim Buckley, but when the rights to the song proved prohibitively expensive, it was suggested that Badalamenti compose a pop song in the same style, with lyrics written by Lynch. Because the song required a vocalist with a haunting, ethereal voice, Badalamenti recommended Julee Cruise, who had sung "like an angel" in a New York theater workshop that Badalamenti had produced. The result of their initial collaboration was "Mysteries of Love", which figures prominently in Blue Velvet's closing scenes.
Floating Into The Night
Positive reaction to "Mysteries of Love" led Badalamenti and Lynch to write and produce additional songs for Cruise, most of which were featured in her debut album, Floating Into the Night. The album was released on 12 September 1989 by Warner Bros. Records, and charted on Billboard the following year. A moody, tightly structured collection of dream pop songs with lush, idiosyncratic orchestrations and intentionally retro lyrics, Floating Into the Night became a favorite of such musicians as Tim Booth, lead singer of the band James, and techno artist Moby, who would go on to collaborate with Cruise on the unreleased track "Drown Disco". It also provided musical material for two of Lynch's other projects. The first was Industrial Symphony No. 1, a dark, intentionally obscure performance piece in which Cruise performed while "floating" from a harness dozens of feet above a stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Twin Peaks
The second, more significant project was the soundtrack to Lynch's Twin Peaks, for which Badalamenti composed the original score. The song "Falling", which became the orchestral theme for the television series, caused a minor sensation, winning a Grammy at the 33rd Grammy Awards for Best Pop Instrumental[2]. The Twin Peaks soundtrack, featuring Cruise on the songs "Into the Night" and "The Nightingale" as well as on the vocal version of "Falling", eventually became the best-selling television soundtrack of all time. Cruise made a number of appearances on Twin Peaks as a singer at a local bar, and was prominently featured in both the show's landmark pilot episode and the episode where Laura Palmer's murderer is revealed, as well as in 1992's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. The campy but unsettling "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart", the second single from Floating Into the Night, was released in 1990 and was also featured in an episode of Twin Peaks.
Saturday Night Live performance
Cruise made a controversial appearance on Saturday Night Live on May 12, 1990, when scheduled performer Sinéad O'Connor refused to appear on the same show as guest host Andrew Dice Clay.
The Voice of Love
The following year, Cruise recorded a Lynch and Badalamenti produced cover of the Elvis Presley song "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" for the soundtrack of Wim Wenders's Until the End of the World[3]. Afterwards, Cruise maintained a relatively low profile until her second album, The Voice of Love, was released in 1993. To many listeners and reviewers, this album suffered in comparison to its predecessor, possibly due to the numerous other projects competing for Lynch and Badalamenti's attention. Many of the tracks were little more than instrumentals from Wild at Heart or Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me with added vocals. However, several songs, notably "Questions in a World of Blue", are ranked by fans among Cruise's best.
Other information
Cruise's early collaborations with Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch were closely related to Lynch's film work, and their lyrics often reflect this. For example, "Into the Night" begins with the whispered words "Now it's dark", a line which was repeatedly spoken by Frank Booth, Dennis Hopper's character, in Blue Velvet. Lynch also photographed Cruise for the liner notes of Floating Into the Night and The Voice of Love, and created the sculptures featured on the covers of both albums.
Post Badalamenti and Lynch
The Art of Being a Girl
Cruise's long-delayed third album, The Art of Being a Girl, was released in 2002[4]. This was the first of her albums for which Badalamenti and Lynch did not produce or write any of the music, with music and lyrics for each of the songs being written by Cruise herself (with the exception of an updated version of her classic single "Falling") and guest produced by Rick Strom and Mocean Worker.
Acting and live work
Cruise also acted and sang in the off Broadway cast of Return to the Forbidden Planet, a spoof of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, and toured with The B-52's as Cindy Wilson's maternal replacement on and off from 1992 through 2000. She also performed regularly with Bobby McFerrin's improvisational vocal group Voicestra/CircleSong.
She appeared as Andy Warhol (among other characters, including Susan Sontag) in the 2004 Keith Haring bio-musical Radiant Baby at the Public Theatre/New York Shakespeare Festival, directed by George Wolf.
Guest vocals
Cruise has also lent her vocals to works by a miscellaneous list of collaborators, mostly in Electronic music.
She provided vocals and lyrics to several of the songs on Wide Angle (1999), the debut album by Welsh electronic music group Hybrid, notably the epic nuskool breaks track "If I Survive". Also in 1999, she performs on two songs on Don't Panic! by DJ Silver.
She appeared on the albums 1-900-Get-Khan (1999) and No Comprendo (2001) by dance artist Khan (Can Oral), and also performed live several times with him. The lyrics for many of these songs, such as "Body Dump", reflect Cruise's own interest in true crime.
She appears on a number of tracks on both the 2003 album Dreams Top Rock and the 2007 album Monstrous Surplus by German post-rock act, Pluramon.
She was featured in a song by Supa Dj Dimitri (formerly of Deee-Lite) called "Space Oddity".
More recently, Cruise has appeared as a guest vocalist on Sarcast While, the 2006 full-length album from the New York band, Time of Orchids, released on Tzadik Records. Her vocals also appear on five tracks on Kenneth Bager's 2006 album Fragments From A Space Cadet.
Cruise provides the vocals for Delerium's "Magic" song (on the Chimera album). Cruise also provided vocals alongside Pharrell on Handsome Boy Modeling School's song "Class System".
Cover versions, film soundtracks and adverts
In 2003, Depeche Mode songwriter Martin Gore included a cover version of Cruise's song "In My Other World" (from her 1993 album The Voice of Love) on Counterfeit², the second in his series of cover albums dedicated to his own musical influences and atmospheric inspirations.
In 2003, Cruise's song "The World Spins" was featured in an extended ballet sequence in Robert Altman's The Company.
Cruise's song "Floating" was featured in TV advertisements and trailers for the show The Riches debuting on FX Networks in March 2007.
* Floating into the Night (1989)
* The Voice of Love (1993)
* The Art of Being a Girl (2002)
Year Title Chart positions Album
US Hot 100 US Modern Rock US Mainstream Rock UK[5] AUS ARIA Chart
1990 "Falling" - 11 - 7 1 Floating into the Night
1991 "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart" - - - 66 -
"Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" - - - - - Until the End of the World (soundtrack)
1993 "Movin' In on You" - - - - - The Voice of Love
1999 "If I Survive" (with Hybrid) - - - 52 - Wide Angle
* Khan (single, "Say Goodbye")
* Hybrid
* Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks soundtrack)
* Moby
* The B-52's
* Mocean Worker
* David Lynch
* B(if)tek
* Bobby McFerrin
* Kenneth Bager
* Ror Shak
* Delerium
* "Class System" w/ Handsome Boy Modeling School (Prince Paul & Dan The Automator)- White People (2004)
1. ^ Time Out magazine October 17-24 1990, p.21
2. ^ Rock On The Net Grammy Awards list
5. ^ Roberts, David (2006). British Hit Singles & Albums (19th ed.). London: Guinness World Records Limited. p. 128. ISBN 1-904994-10-5.
mashedinplastic | October 19, 2008
Mashed in Plastic, the David Lynch mashup tribute. Coming 16 November.
Featuring the mashup talents of Wax Audio, Phil RetroSpector, The Who Boys, ToToM, Voicedude, RIAA, G3RSt, Colatron, Neiltomo and The Reborn Identity. Plus special guest star Linus.
The Mashed in Plastic trailer features the music of Angelo Badalamenti, David Bowie and Rammstein, plus the man himself, David Lynch.
Audio by Colatron
Video by The Reborn Identity
01. the voice of love is crying : COLATRON
02. blue rigby : WAX AUDIO
03. twin hearts : COLATRON
04. heaven’s drive-in : PHIL RETROSPECTOR
05. tori’s deranged : WAX AUDIO
06. something stupid this way comes : G3RSt
07. i’ll be there in twin peaks : COLATRON
08. the pink jack : WAX AUDIO
09. lauren’s opus : THE REBORN IDENTITY
10. frank’s here : THE WHO BOYS
11. the elephant connection : THE REBORN IDENTITY
12. i’ve told every little pumpkin : TOTOM
13. violent at heart : THE REBORN IDENTITY
14. don’t go all wicked on me : NEILTOMO
15. eraserhead serenade : RIAA
16. velvet dreams : VOICEDUDE
17. in my twin life : PHIL RETROSPECTOR
18. this is David Lynch : NEILTOMO
* mashedinplastic * twinpeaks * David * Lynch * Mashed * in * Plastic * mashup * album * twin * peaks * ulholland * drive * lost * highway * inland * empire * blue * velvet * eraserhead
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Requiem for a Dream Trailer
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