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Casey's International Speculator

Casey’s International Speculator is one of the longest-running, most respected newsletter services of its kind anywhere. For over a quarter of a century, IS has been dedicated to presenting speculative opportunities to investors looking to diversify into small-cap international firms… including junior U.S. and Canadian gold and silver exploration companies. These small, well-managed firms offer the very real potential to double or even triple (or better) a shorter period of time. Subscribe today and save 25% off the regular retail price of $995 per year... and it comes with a three-month, 100% money-back guarantee!
For over a quarter-century, Casey’s International Speculator has helped investors get positioned early into high-quality gold and silver exploration stocks… well-run companies sitting on important new resource discoveries - with tremendous profit potential.

And you can discover our entire roster of top-performing IS recommendations (including our list of Best Buys) with a 3-month, no-risk trial subscription…


Dear Investor,

Casey’s International Speculator focuses entirely on what’s known in the industry as the “junior” mining sector: small-cap, high-profit companies that are sitting on discoveries that could explode their profits, their values - and of course the value of their stock - in a matter of months.

Junior exploration companies specializing in precious metals, like gold, silver and platinum, as well as those searching for in-demand industrial base metals like copper, nickel and lead are brought to you every month in the Casey's International Speculator.

These are not the large-cap, big-name companies in the news. They’re the smaller firms on the brink of making the “big strike” that will send their share price through the roof.

A sampling of our recent recommendations:

  • Osisko Mining, up 284.6% in six months
  • International Tower Hill, up 200.8% in seven months
  • Detour Gold, up 147.2% in six months
  • Northern Freegold, up 117.6% in one month

A subscription to Casey's International Speculator gives you complete access to all of Casey Research’s in-depth analysis – including recommendations on today’s best double- and triple-digit profit opportunities.

When you become a subscriber, each month you’ll receive a comprehensive, fast-reading edition of the Casey's International Speculator – delivered directly to your email inbox. Plus, you’ll also have immediate access to:

  • Weekly updates on breaking news affecting our recommended stocks.
  • Searchable archives with background information on many of today’s most popular resource companies.
  • A library of valuable special reports.
  • An interactive list of the stocks currently being followed, along with links to research charts and information on corporate structures, management, and more.

Put simply -- this is not a static monthly service. Casey's International Speculator is a dynamic, unique research advisory, that assures you will keep up-to-date and in-the-know on all of our recommendations.

Start Your Subscription Today!
Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed -
Kick the Tires for 3 Full Months!

You’ll get immediate access to the current edition of the Casey's International Speculator and to all of the password-protected information on this web site.

Take 3 full months to decide. If for any reason you feel the Casey's International Speculator isn’t right for you, you may simply cancel – by phone, email, fax or mail – and you’ll immediately be sent a full refund of every penny you paid. All editions and bonus reports you have received are yours free of charge or obligation. (Even after 3 months, you still receive a pro-rata refund on all undelivered issues.)

Order now and save 25% of the regular retail proce of $995.

Or, if you prefer, call
888-51-CASEY (888-512-2739) or 602-445-2736 to speak to a service representative and to subscribe over the phone.

  Casey's ultra convenient
  Auto-Renew Service billing options:

Subscription Term Price
Regular Retail Price for Casey's International Speculator $995
Annual Auto-renew - Our most popular option! Your credit card is charged this amount each year automatically until you say stop. $749
(you save 25%)
Quarterly Auto-renew - A great way to "kick the tires"! Your credit card is charged this amount each quarter automatically until you say stop. $199
(you save 20%)

A sampling of unsolicited testimonials from our subscribers…

I have been a subscriber to Mr. Casey's International Speculator for over 10 years, but have only actively followed his advice for the last seven years. Over the last seven years my investments have risen by an average 42.9% per year; 26.1% in 2007. The first dollar I invested is up over 1,000%!! Keep up the great work.
- Jim G., writing January 2, 2008

I am finally, after subscribing for the first time in about 1998, going to take a few minutes to tell Doug and everyone at Casey Research how pleased I am with your work and the way you do business. Everything you do is top notch. Your web site is without a peer (of the dozens I have tried anyway). It is loaded with good information, easy to use, and easy to learn to use -- very important for us old timers who struggle with the Internet.

I owe much of my retirement security to taking a small flier on IUC at $0.27 per share (a Doug Casey 1998 recommendation) and watching it climb to about $16 after becoming Denison Mining. A sincere thank you for your efforts.
- William M., writing January 15, 2008


Louis James
Managing Editor, Senior Analyst
Casey's International Speculator

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